About Us

Orion MedTech is a not-for-profit community interest company (CIC) with objectives to promote high quality healthcare in the UK through the provision of digital services to improve the collection, sharing and analysis of clinical data.

Orion MedTech works in close partnership with Obex Technologies, The Brain Injury Medtech Co-operative (MIC), and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge. Obex Technologies provide and support the digital platform enabling healthcare professionals to share clinical information. Data analysis and reporting is currently undertaken in partnership with the University of Cambridge, and overall strategic direction is supported by the informatics theme of the Brain Injury MIC.

A key component of Orion’s informatics portfolio is the delivery of a number of national and international disease registries, with a particular focus on neurological conditions. The foundation of our work includes registry data reporting and validation, manufacturer post market surveillance, as well as supporting the development and design of new collaborative informatics projects.

Key priorities

Providing and maintaining disease and implant registries

Registries enable long-term surveillance of the management and outcomes of specific conditions. This allows monitoring of national practice to ensure high quality care across different providers and, in the case of implant registries, the potential identification of sub-standard devices. The availability of high-quality registry data will benefit healthcare providers, regulatory authorities such as the MHRA, and empower patients through direct online data provision.

“The Royal College of Surgeons believe that all implantable devices should be registered and tracked to monitor efficiency and patient safety in the long-term”
Prof. Derek Alderson, RCS President 2017-2020

Sharing of clinical information between healthcare providers

Patients often require timely access to specialist expertise not available locally. Orion Medtech’s web-based solutions enable healthcare professionals to efficiently and securely share clinical information with external healthcare providers in both emergency and non-urgent contexts. This enables clinical decisions, including patient transfers, to be reached with minimal delay.

Facilitate UK residents affected by injury or illness to participate in healthcare innovation and research

Orion MedTech has established a volunteer register for patients, carers and other interested persons to assist in the advance of healthcare technologies related to brain injury. Individuals registering have the opportunity to be notified of upcoming workshops and surveys for providing input into the development and evaluation of new technologies and studies, and informed of relevant research studies that they may be able to participate in.

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Providing expertise on the development of innovative healthcare solutions

Orion MedTech provides consultancy services specifically focussed on the development and evaluation of software and device-based healthcare innovations. These will include initial market evaluation, expert reviews, study design, and advice on regulatory approval and dissemination.